Some notable Augustinians


It is always difficult to choose criterea for selcection those who are noteable. Of the approximately two hundred Augustinians who have served in Australia since the year 1838, a few have been chosen; many others could have been included.

James Alypius Goold osa

Bishop (later Archbishop) James Alypius Goold O.S.A. was the first Catholic bishop in Melbourne from 1848 to 1886. He came to Australia to serve for ten years, and had no expectation of becoming a bishop and of spending the rest of his life there.


Martin Crane osa

Martin Crane O.S.A. was born on in Ireland on 11th October 1818, six years after Bishop James Goold. He was the son of James Crane, a farmer, and was one of five sons who became priests in various religious orders, and his only sister was a Carmelite nun.


Stephen Reville osa

Stephen Reville was born at Wexford in Ireland on 9 May 1844. He entered the Augustinian Novitiate at Callan in May 1863 and made his Simple Profession there on 15 May 1864. From Callan he was transferred to Ghent, Belgium where he was a particularly good scholar and graduated as a Master of Sacred Theology. He was ordained a priest in Belgium in 1867. In 1868 he returned to Ireland where he joined the staff of the diocesan Minor Seminary of St Laurence O’Toole, Ushers Quay, Dublin, a position he held for seven years, including being its Rector from 1871 onwards.


John Hutchinson osa

John Hutchinson parallels with James Alypius Goold osa as an Augustinian bishop who pioneered the establishment of an Australian diocese, although Hutchinson in Cooktown (Cairns) began thirty-six years after Goold had done so, albeit in the less populated and more rugged tropical north of Queensland, Australia.


James Dominic Murray osa

James Dominic Murray O.S.A. was the Vicar Apostolic of Cooktown and then the Bishop of Cairns, Queensland in 1898-1914. He was was easily the most outgoing of the six Augustinian bishops in Australia between 1848 and 1948, and possibly the only extrovert among them.


John Heavey osa

John Heavey osa was the youngest and the last of the six Augustinian bishops in Australia; he was born in 1868, which was fifty-six years after the birth of James Goold, who was the first of the six Augustinian bishops in Australia. He was the first Bishop of Cairns (1914 – 1948).


Gregory Fitzgerald osa

Brother James (but known as Greg) Fitzgerald O.S.A. (photo at right) was honoured by a display in the Moree Plains Gallery in north-western New South Wales. In his life he went from being a stockrider and cattleman to becoming an Augustinian.


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